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  • First Peas To The                    Table

First Peas To The Table by Susan Grigsby & Nicole Tadgell

How Did That Get In My Linchbox by Chris Butterworth and Lucia Gaggiotti

The Milk Makers - By Gail Gibbons

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2015 Agriculture in Montana Schools Drawing Contest Winners


Kora LaBrie
Whitewater School
Mrs. Wilcott, Teacher
Phillips County

Kyle Pust
Liberty Christian School
Mrs. Roiger, Teacher
Richland County

Sixth Grade

Bostyn Pearson
Greenfield School
Mrs. Karen Gundlach, Teacher
Teton County

Fifth Grade

Alaina Barger
Helmville School Mrs. Daniels, Teacher
Powell County

Fourth Grade

Missouri Kalal
Roy Schools
Shelly Willmore, Teacher
Fergus County

Third Grade

Katherine Kellogg
Home School
Mrs. Kellogg
Deer Lodge County

Second Grade

Alyson Leach
Chester Joplin Inverness
Miss Manion, Teacher
Liberty County

First Grade

Rachel Nelson
Chester Joplin Inverness Elementary
Mrs. Seidltz, Teacher
Liberty County


Ian Anerson
SY School
Ms. Jenny Moran, Teacher
Custer County


GOALS – The Agriculture in Montana Schools, Inc. (AMS) Foundation was organized by a group of agriculturalists and educators interested in the future of agriculture in Montana. Supporters of the Foundation come from all backgrounds, but they share a common goal: providing educational materials about the food and fiber system to Montana students...   More>>

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